A History Timeline of Baccarat

James Bond movies were a big boost to introduce the game of baccarat to the general public though they didn't really show the whole game on the big screen. But we can all be sure that it made quite an impression as a game for high rollers and is exclusive to those who are well-outfitted players of a casino. Another reason for this impression is the fact that you can find the game of baccarat roped off in some secluded area in a casino that has been made exclusive to an elite few.

Nowadays, baccarat has moved forward, though the exclusivity of the game is still there. The game has also taken on electronic wings as it is now available on the Internet. Baccarat has really gone a long way from its ancient medieval beginnings. Here is a short timeline of the history of baccarat. You'll also notice in its history, that the game has never lost its image as being exclusive for the elite.

Like most other casino games, the true origin of the game of baccarat has been obscured as the centuries passed. There are different voices that try to explain the exact origin of the game though the truth is we really can never know for sure. There have been those who traced the history of baccarat and have commented the game is some sort of wanderer travelling from nation to nation.

There is an ongoing debate whether the game actually originated in France or Italy. But there are more guys who argue that baccarat is indeed a brainchild of Italy. The game became very popular among nobles in Europe and even in China. The game is not that well known in America though.

So the game started in Italy in 1480s, as stipulated by many, using tarot cards. The name of the game is Italian for zero and a lot of cards in this game have zero values.

The game reached France in the 1500s and was known as Chemin de Fer. This version of the game is the one that became popular in Europe. It became very popular among the nobility.

The game was able to reach US shores in 1910 in Saratoga, New York. In this part of its popularity lost its steam here as the game wasn't warmly welcomed.

Baccarat's history moves off to Argentina and Cuba in the 1950s. While in Cuba, baccarat was known as punto banco, and in this part of baccarat history, the game changed to what is today's American version. Baccarat thereafter reached Las Vegas in 1958 and Atlantic City in 1990.

The game of baccarat is now accessible to more people in the 21st century since it has wandered off into the realm of the Internet. Today, thousands enjoy the game everywhere.

The history of baccarat is like the unwavering aristocracy that carried its prestige wherever it went. It is a game worth trying with or without the fancy attire.