The Mini Baccarat Table Layout

Mini Baccarat works like the regular American Baccarat game. It also follows the same rules and the only difference is that the stakes aren't that high in Mini Baccarat compared to the original version of the game. Another plus is that you don't have to get dressed in fancy clothes to play this game. You can dress casually and enjoy the game.

The Mini Baccarat table will, of course, be smaller than the older brother version of the game. You can say that it is about the size of a blackjack table and has slots for eight players. We'll discuss the layout of the Mini Baccarat table and help you become more familiar with this game.

At first glance, a Mini Baccarat table will kind of look like a blackjack table. It is shaped like a semi-circle where all the players are seated on one side and the croupier will be seated on the other. You'll usually find the shoe at the croupier's side of the table. Of course, the croupier's side will have the stacks of chips so that the croupier can give these out. The croupier will be positioned at the center since the deal doesn't rotate from player to player in Mini Baccarat.

Right next to the chip stacks will be a row of boxed numbers from one to seven. These are the commission boxes. These would help the dealer keep track of the commission that the house gets from each player on the Mini Baccarat table.

Next, moving from dealer side to players' side, will be the words "player" and "banker". The two words will be printed in two different colors each, which is some sort of color code on the table layout telling which color is for the player bet and which color is for the banker bet.

We now move off to the players' betting areas on the Mini Baccarat table layout. There are three betting areas corresponding to the three bets you can make in Mini Baccarat. The one nearest the croupier is the tie bet betting area. It will be numbered from one to seven (the other betting areas will also be numbered as well), one for each player's spot on the table.

After the tie bet-betting area is the area for the banker bet. You'll see numbered circles the word "bank" printed inside the circles. You'll also see the same for the betting area for the player bet, only that the color will be different and the word "player" is printed inside.

This is the layout of the Mini Baccarat table. Once you get familiar with it, the rest of the game is really easy.