Which Strategy Will Work Best With Baccarat?

Before we begin talking about a strategy that works best with baccarat we should make it a point to emphasize that it is a pure game of chance. Baccarat is really a game of pure luck. But baccarat has something great to offer, and that is the game actually has one of the best house edges in a casino. Both the banker and the player bets have the house advantage just a little over one percent.

Most players simply avoid the tie bet since that it has one of the worst house edges anywhere. So most people stick with the banker and the player wagers in baccarat.

Now let's move off to strategy that applies to the game of baccarat. There are players who do attempt to apply blackjack card counting to baccarat. After a while, those who try to do so will just give up. And so we see that there aren't that many card counters that approach the baccarat table.

Baccarat is not exactly the same as blackjack. Card counting just won't work as a strategy in baccarat. This strategy will lose more steam as you try it out on Internet casinos. The random number generator in an online casino applied to a game of baccarat makes it totally harder for card counters to use their skill.

Since card counting won't work on baccarat then people have resorted to riding the streak. In fact, casinos usually offer pencils and charts for players to use. Unfortunately this exercise misses the facts of the game of baccarat. You're just being distracted by all that note taking. Remember that there is no pattern for a pure game of chance like baccarat so this strategy also misses the mark.

It is like trying to predict the winning patterns when you roll dice. It's all pure chance and there is no definite way to predict the next sequence even you take so many pages of notes.

Another strategy is known as the 1 3 2 6 Baccarat System. The idea is to wager small units in order to obtain large returns. You bet one unit (let's say at table minimum). If you win that hand then add two units to the original single unit wager. If you win again take away four units and only bet the last two units. In case you win once more add six units to the remaining two units. But if you lose at any given time you start over again from one unit to wager. The idea in this strategy is to keep your losses to a minimum.

The last bit of baccarat strategy is to just focus on money management since baccarat is really a pure game of chance. All these strategies have promises to make but the best strategy of all is the one that rides the reality of the game of baccarat.